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Nestled within the heart of Cody, Wyoming, where the Rocky Mountains meet the endless stretch of open plains, lies a hidden gem of friendly and lively charm — the BLANCA TATANKA bar and grill. Step inside, and you'll be transported to a realm where handcrafted cocktails, soul-stirring live music, and an enjoyable atmosphere converge to create a memorable experience.

Handcrafted cocktail
Handcrafted cocktail from downtown cody bar and grill
Garnishing drinks at the Blanca Tatanka in Cody, Wyoming
Live band at the Blanca Tatanka in Cody
Food from Blanca Tatanka
Wyoming whiskey being poured at bar in Cody Wyoming
Dancing at the bar near the Scout INN
Live music guitar playing
Crowd for live music at the Blanca Tatanka
Food from local restaurant in Cody WY
Picture behind the bar of Blanca Tatanka
Food from restaurant in Cody
Booths and artwork
Handcrafted cocktail from downtown cody bar and grill
Top view of a good-looking purple cocktail from THE BLANCA TATANKA